Garden furniture

We make the ordinary standard picnic table in Douglas fir or oak and it is available in two lengths (250 or 300 cm). This solid table comes in the form of a kit (Ikea formula) and is widely used by sports clubs and companies, but also by private individuals.


The oak benches and chairs with their beautiful curves are made according to the time-honoured 'station model'. This heavy version with comfortable seating is 100 or 200 cm wide.

Robinia log benches

Rustic tree trunk benches and seat trunks with their

natural design are made of acacia.


The great advantage of this type of wood is, on the one hand

lifetime and, on the other hand, the untreated finish.

This furniture is extremely strong and has a rough and robust appearance.

The tannic acid naturally present in the wood provides a

lifespan of 25-30 years.

Park furniture

Our oak station and park benches with their beautiful curves find their way into parks and at municipal parks and also even at saunas and outdoor swimming pools.

The benches with round long beams are made of Robinia (Acacia) wood and are particularly suitable for amusement parks zoos and schools. With this sectional system, you quickly have a large seating capacity for visitors.

Current models can be found opposite, but upon request, we will also work out your ideas in practice.

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