Poles, planks, beams and trees

Poles are usually stripped of bark and pointed if required. Posts are round, square or rectangular and come in a variety of sizes and lengths. They are also widely used in civil engineering.


We have a wide range with diameters ranging from 4-6 cm to as much as 40-45 cm or more. The most common diameters are 6-8 cm, 8-10 cm and 10-12 cm. We usually have these in stock as well. These posts require no treatment and have a naturally long lifespan. Available wood types for these are oak - chestnut and acacia - robinia.

Some applications

Support posts for fencing, gate posts, pergola posts, sheet piling, lighting posts, construction for playground equipment, yard fencing, shoring posts, tree posts, playgrounds, signs, zoos, recreation parks, round timber, route guidance, bird cages, site delineation, bicycle racks, playhouses, playgrounds, fence posts, chestnut poles, robinia poles, impact tree poles, climbing tree poles, climbing tree, anti-maintenance poles, information poles, marker poles, lattice poles, construction poles, climbing rope poles, deck path poles, deck path planks, circuit protection, motocross. Planks and beams knife-edge sawn or unedged straight (natural side) are produced in our workshop using the tree saw.

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Barriers and play trees

A barrier is ideal when temporarily closing an access road, firebreak or nature reserve. The width of the barrier is optional and is adapted to what is required on site. The type of wood is often acacia. The heavy galvanised hinges and locks are specially designed for this barrier and are operated with an aluminium key with triangular grip.


The play trees are delivered with the desired number of branches. The tree is stripped of bark and then sanded.

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