Gates and land fences

An oak gate for your home is, of course, the dream of many. The Kempisch Domein can provide this. We make them in our workshop in standard sizes: 90-120-150-180-210-240-270-300-330-360 cm.


Combinations of large and small sizes are always possible. The height in each case is 120 cm. It is possible to choose other sizes according to the client's wishes. With the gates, we also supply square oak gate posts with diamond head, measuring 240x15x15 cm or 240x17x17 cm.


Our gates are available in oak or hardwood. These gates are made according to English tradition in 2 different models, among others: the field gate and the entrance gate.

Field gate and entrance gate

The field gate (also called field gate, hunting gate or universal gate in England) is constructed with one or two cross braces. The name says it all, you often find these fences or gates as access to a field or meadow. A stately appearance is created when two gates of the same size are combined. The double gate. Openings of up to 7 meters are possible here. The English entrance gate or also called Entrance gate or Yeoman gate has an arch on one side and 2 diagonal braces. You often find these gates at driveways. This classic model fits perfectly with country houses and farms. Openings of 7 metres and more are possible here.

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Land fence and kitchen garden gate

The land fence consists of a plank construction with 3 or 4 horizontal joints. The dimensions are determined in consultation with the client. A lot is possible. Usually the planed boards are 3 cm thick and 15-20 cm wide. Stainless steel carriage bolts are used to fasten the boards together, creating a strong and solid gate. Wood type of your choice in oak or robinia (acacia). The acacia or chestnut garden gates consist of a wooden frame with semi-circular bars mounted on it and match the sheep fence perfectly. The bars are slightly pointed at the top. The vegetable garden gate is fitted with solid hinges and locks (to be assembled by yourself) and 2 support posts and provides easy access to the vegetable garden or animal pasture. They have a charming, natural and rural look. The dimensions are determined in consultation with the client.

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Characteristics of gates

  • Original pin-and-hole joint.
  • Gates are planed and sanded.
  • Stainless steel lock bolts.
  • Galvanised, solid and stainless
    adjustable hardware.
  • 10 different standard widths.
  • Available in oak and hardwood.
  • Strong, solid and elegant.
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