Acacia poles

Acacia poles are versatile and find their application in a wide range of purposes. These poles are used not only as tree and lighting poles, but also for playgrounds, climbing trees, recreational parks and zoos. They are also widely used in civil engineering. With their durability and versatility, the poles are a reliable choice for various projects and environments.

Acacia poles made to measure

Acacia poles are usually stripped of bark. It is also possible, if desired, to add a point to the post. The posts are round, square or rectangular and are available in all kinds of sizes and lengths. These posts require no treatment and have a naturally long lifespan of at least 20 years.


We have a wide range with diameters ranging from 4-6 centimetres to as much as 40-45 centimetres or more. The most common diameters are 6-8 centimetres, 8-10 centimetres and 10-12 centimetres. We usually have these in stock as well.

Using the poles

There are many different purposes for using acacia posts. These include support posts for a fence, gate posts, pergola posts, sheet piling, lighting posts, construction for playground equipment, yard fencing, shoring posts, tree posts, playgrounds, signs, zoos, recreation parks, route guidance, bird cages, site demarcation, bicycle racks, playhouses, playgrounds, fence posts, impact bollards, climbing tree posts, climbing tree posts, anti-mow damage bollards, information bollards, marker bollards, lattice bollards, construction bollards, climbing rack bollards, deck path bollards and circuit protection. This is just part of the various purposes for which acacia wood can be used.

Why acacia poles?

Acacia is one of the most durable European hardwood species. Thanks to its natural resistance to wood rot, as well as its sturdy structure, acacia is known for its durability and long life, even under demanding conditions. The wood species belongs to durability class 1/2, which means it will last at least 20 years. Acacia offers not only a robust and secure fence, but also a natural appearance. This is because the posts retain their natural shape.


Acacia is a strong, yet flexible, type of wood. As a result, it can withstand many different (extreme) weather conditions. In addition, the hardwood has high resistance to insects and has a natural resistance to wood rot.

Interested in these hardwood posts?

Feel free to contact us for more information about the various applications and possibilities regarding the use and installation of acacia poles. We will be happy to help you realise an application that suits your environment and requirements.
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