Post & Rail

Our robust post & rail fences, made of cleaved chestnut, oak or acacia robinia wood, exude the typical southern English atmosphere. Ideal for parks, estates and gardens, they not only offer a charming separation for horses and cows, but can also be adapted for keeping smaller animals. Using mesh, electric fence wire and/or electric ribbon on the inside, they are also suitable for sheep, donkeys, goats, deer, chickens, pigs and more. Our fences offer a perfect mix of style and functionality.

Bespoke Post & Rail

Our fences are usually supplied with two or three horizontal beams, offering a solid and classic look. But since we manufacture our products ourselves, it is also possible to opt for a four- or five-beam system. This offers wider flexibility in creating the ideal fence for your property.


As standard, our two- or three-layer fences have a height of 130 centimetres, but naturally also offer the possibility of making them higher by choosing longer vertical posts. Especially with horses, a higher fence can sometimes be desirable.

Sawn Post & Rail

Our horizontal beams, each 3 metres long, undergo a machine process in which they are quarter-split and stripped of bark. The ends of the beams are fitted with special points, allowing them to be easily inserted into the vertical posts. This connection, known as "Stift und Loch", ensures stability.


The distances between the horizontal rails are 45 centimetres for a two-beam system and 30 centimetres for a three-beam system, ensuring a sturdy and balanced construction.

Strong, durable and decorative

The top rail is standard 15 centimetres from the top of the vertical post. The vertical support posts, in which the horizontal rails rest, have a semi-circular shape or are rectangular with dimensions of 15x10 centimetres. In addition, they are fitted with four or six holes for fixing the rails. As standard, the posts have a length of 2 metres.


The corner posts are round and have a diameter of 15-18 centimetres. These posts are bark-free and feature four holes for a two-post system or six holes for a three-post system. This ensures a solid and durable construction, essential for a reliable fence.


The fence not only combines sturdiness and durability, but also adds a decorative element to any environment in which it is placed. With a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, this fence offers a safe and attractive solution for various terrains.

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Interested in a Post & Rail?

Feel free to contact us for more information about the many applications and possibilities regarding the use and installation of a Post & Rail fence. We will be happy to help you realise an application that suits your environment and requirements.
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