Post & Rail

The typical southern English atmosphere can be found in our robust and decorative post & rail fences made of split chestnut-, oak or acacia robinia wood. This park and estate fence is ideal for horses and cows, but also as a natural separation in your garden. Combined with wire mesh, electric fence wire and/or electric ribbon on the inside of the fence, smaller animals such as sheep, donkeys, goats, deer, chickens, pigs, etc. can also be kept.

Natural look

This fence is usually installed with two or three horizontal rails, but as we make all our products ourselves, a four or five rail system can also be chosen in consultation.


The height of a standard two- or three-rail fence is 130 cm. This height can of course be adapted to your personal wishes by choosing longer vertical posts. Especially with horses, a higher fence can sometimes be desirable.

Sawn Post & Rail

Our beams/rails are 3 meters long and are cut into quarter-form by machine and then stripped of bark. The ends of the horizontal beams are fitted with a special point so that they can be easily inserted into the vertical posts. We also call this connection "mortice and tenon".


The distances between the horizontal rails are 45 cm each for a two-rail system and 30 cm for a three-rail system.

Strong, durable and decorative

In each case, the top rail is about 15 cm from the top of the vertical post. The vertical support posts in which the horizontal rails lie, are halfround (or rectangular 15x10 cm) and equipped with four or six holes. The posts are two meters long as standard.


The corner posts are round and have a diameter of 15-18 cm and are without bark, equipped with four (two-rail post & rail) or six holes (three-rail post & rail).


This is a very strong, durable but also decorative fence.

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