Beekse Bergen

Lookouts for visitors and climbing equipment for the animals.

A lot of sheep fencing has also been installed here.


Circuit protection Eersel

To keep the public at a safe distance from the

motor violence, sheep fencing is often used.

Badger grid

Automatically closing oak gates fitted with badger netting for access to the walking area, and aluminium escape doors for the badgers. Installation of badger netting.

Golf Landgoed Nieuwkerk

Construction around the golf course of a heavy ursus wire fence with acacia posts to keep out the pigs. Acacia gates have been installed for access to the outside area and the main entrance is accessible to traffic via a spring grid.

preHistoric Village Eindhoven

A high defensive wall has been built here with large gates in it. Small gates have also been placed to access the various cottages.

Kessel Heath

To keep livestock (sheep, Scottish highlanders, etc.) within the grazing zone, the area will be enclosed with wire mesh. The accessibility of the park for visitors, will be by means of spring grids.

Wilrijk petting zoo

Access gate at the main entrance to the petting zoo and the meadows here are fenced with special English hurdles for the sheep and goats.

Construction of boardwalk

To make the forest accessible to everyone, it may be decided to build a wooden path. A boardwalk can also be a solution in swampy areas (e.g. swamp).

Park Hemelrijk Volkel

Construction of the entrance to the aqua park with fence and benches.

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