With the help of local forest managers such as state forest management

the right forest plot is chosen to be felled.

From the rootstock the young shoots emerge and are then again

matured after 20-25 years to be felled again.


New plantings are also made every year.

This coppice culture ensures CO2 uptake

through the trees as ever.

Coppice culture

This recurring cycle of carbon storage and renewable

energy production ensures that we will enjoy wood for a very long time to come

can continue to enjoy.


By using wood as a renewable resource,

Can the negative impacts of climate change

be held back somewhat. In this way, there can be

build a sustainable future with wood.

Forestry Commission

State Forestry Romania is subordinate to the Romanian

national forestry administration and manages 147,000 ha of forestland in the

Bihor province.


Management of state forests is central which ensures

for optimal use of timber forests and

Other forest products.

New plantings

Production of forest seedlings for internal use and

for other beneficiaries, new plantings and

daily maintenance ensures excellent

forest health in national parks, nature reserves

and protected areas.


The survival and preservation of the Romanian

forests is thereby secured.


Our priority is to respect the technical, economic and legal rules for maintaining the integrity, biodiversity and continuity of the forest.

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