Horse fencing

Nothing is more important than being able to leave your horse(s) safely and worry-free in the pasture, which is why a sturdy and reliable horse fence is essential. This is exactly what we can offer in a durable and professional manner. Thanks to our own sawmill and production workshop, we can also guarantee fast delivery times.

Customised horse fence

In our sturdy and decorative horse fences, made of strong cleaved acacia Robinia wood, you will find the typical southern English atmosphere. Whereas a fence is usually equipped with two or three beams, we also offer the option of opting for a four- or five-beam system, as we make our products ourselves.


The standard height of our two- or three-tier fence is 130 centimetres. However, this height can be adapted to your personal requirements by choosing longer vertical posts. Especially with horses, a raised fence may be desired for extra safety.

Strong, durable and decorative

The top rail is usually at a height of about 15 centimetres from the top of the vertical post. These support posts, in which the horizontal rails rest, are semi-circular in shape (or rectangular with dimensions of 15x10 centimetres) and have four or six holes. As standard, the posts have a length of 2 metres.


The corner posts have a round shape with a diameter of 15-18 centimetres and are without bark. They are equipped with four holes for a two-post & rail fence and with six holes for a three-post & rail fence.


The posts and beams are professionally sanded, making them low-maintenance, strong and durable.

Features of the fence

  • Made of acacia Robinia wood, Europe's most durable and sturdy wood species
  • The high density ensures that the wood can be installed untreated
  • Has a rustic appearance due to irregular shape of the posts
  • Has a lifespan of at least 20 years

Dressage ring

We offer the option of installing a dressage training ring. By connecting the posts and boards together without using nails or screws, we guarantee safety and maintain a natural appearance of the ring.

Lunge circle

Like the dressage ring, we also offer the possibility of creating a lunging circle or horse walker. This circular enclosure offers the convenience and safety to keep your horse(s) moving.

Other types of horse fences

  • York 111
  • York Massiv
  • York De Luxe
  • Kensington
  • Westminster
  • New Paddock
  • Post & Rail Modern
  • Square Infinity
  • Royal Tropic Safety
  • Square Safety
  • Royal Tropic Classic
  • Royal Tropic Modern
  • Square Black
  • Windsor
  • Ascot
  • Square

Interested in a horse fence?

Do not hesitate to contact us, without obligation, for more information on the many applications and possibilities regarding the use and installation of a horse fence. We will be happy to help you realise an application that suits your environment and requirements.
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